Survey Design Services (SDS) - Specialist Survey Contractors

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    In addition to the ('In House') Surveys SDS offer, we also undertake various skilled works & surveys which run in tandem with the day to day surveys we provide.




    On a more land based element, we are more frequently than not being asked to investigate potential building plots for the permeable rate of the local ground.


    Dependant on ground conditions, we able to excavate the local surroundings to a suitable depth and size for a Percolation Test.


    This may be undertaken with a Mini Digger, but more often than not, we are able to hand excavate or drill a suitably sized bore hole to a sufficient depth.


    The results of these tests will indicate to a / your Drainage Engineer as to whether the instillation of a Soakaway is practical, and its potential location.




    Many SDS operatives are trained in the use of Survey Crafts. On numerous occasions our RYA (Royal Yachting Association) training has proved invaluable for the undertaking of Hydrographical / Water orientated Surveys for numerous clients.


    Mainly these works are carried out for Southern Water where surveys are required for the confirmation and location for there Outfalls.


    Other surveys for clients such as, Southern Water, EDF Direct & Large Utility companies will be more hydrographically based where for instance; River Bed levels are required for the instillation of new Rising Main's and Electrical & Mechanical Services.


    The above surveys are undertaken with a variation of boat sizes ranging from 2 metre inflatable dinghies powered by small outboards and oars, to Rigid Inflatable Boats (RIB's) of 6.5 metres in length, suitable in tackling costal waters.