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    With a continuing growth in Commercial & Housing Development, CCTV Surveys have never been more in demand in the ascertainment of Drainage Condition.


    Whether we are surveying newly laid drainage for Developers and Water Authorities or the confirmation of existing drainage condition and location for proposed Re-Development, Water Authorities, Utilities Companies, etc, you can be assured that SDS have the variation of CCTV Units to suit.


    SDS is continuously investing in the most advanced CCTV Equipment that Pearpoint (leaders in CCTV Pipe Inspection) can offer. This is evident in all CCTV Rigs which use Pan & Rotate Cameras, which allow us to identify the true pipe sizes of laterals entering a system and if indeed whether they are live or capped off.


    All vehicles are fitted with on board computers which allow the fully trained (OS19/20X) personnel to produce CCTV Reports, Sewer .Dat Files and Mpeg 1-4 Recordings (on site). The CCTV Report in Hard Copy Format is also available whilst on site, via on board printers.


    All Camera Vans are fitted with Explosion Proof CCTV Equipment suitable in surveying pipes of 75mm Diameter to 2 metres plus in Diameter with a range of 500 - 600 metres surveying from any one point.


    Every effort is made in using the Pan & Tilt System which generally starts from

    150 - 225mm Diameter Pipes.

    CCTV Surveys that require access over rough terrain are tackled by our 4x4 Camera Unit which is suitable for pipes up to 600mm Diameter as standard and up to 2 metres in diameter upon request.


    Our CCTV Rigs also carry on board water supplies should the occasion arise to decontaminate the Camera Unit when switching between Drainage Systems to Water Pipes & Fresh Water Causes.


    CCTV Surveys & Pipe Jetting CCTV Surveys & Pipe Jetting CCTV Surveys & Pipe Jetting




    To assist a large number of our CCTV Surveys, SDS offer ('In House') the service of pipe cleansing.


    Pre-Cleansing of any pipe section prior to a CCTV Survey will always ensure we are able to view the true condition of a pipe length. If however, a project reemit does not allow for pre-cleansing, we are able to offer our Jetting Units on a standby basis with a CCTV Rig or carry out necessary Jetting Works post, CCTV Surveys.


    With our in-house Trailable Jetters we are able to undertake pipe cleansing in areas where there is limited access or rough terrain which may prevent larger vehicles reaching.