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    For over 30 Years SDS have been Investigating & Plotting Drainage Assets throughout the country.


    From STC 25 specification Manhole Surveys in the Hundreds of Thousands to one day Site Investigations with Confined Space Entry, SDS has encountered an extensive number of Drainage Networks.


    Ever since the release of Radiodetection Units, we have continued to purchase the latest, more refined models of equipment for the location & positioning of Public & Privately owned Sewers. Units such as Radiodetections RD4000 T10 allow us to Trace not only sewers, but also Metallic Services up to 15 Metres in depth.


    Whether the mode of transport for the Sewer Sonde be via a Fibreglass Rod Coiler, CCTV Tractor Units, floatation within the sewer or even manually carried throughout the sewer length, we are able to pin point the sewers location to within +/- 5% of the pipes depth.


    Not only is the above method used to confirm connectivity, our Surveyors are also adept in more basic methods of sewer location such as Audible & Dye Testing which can sometimes offer an accurate enough result, at a more cost effective rate.



    Confined Space Surveys are undertaken by any number of our personnel as we ensure that all operatives are certificated in the use of Breathing Apparatus and confined space entry.


    Entry is undertaken with either, Escape Sets, Personal BA Set or the use of an airline when heavily restricted movement or time constraints are an issue.



    Impermeable Area Studies are carried out by our highly qualified surveyors who have been undertaking such investigations for over 20 years.


    With a clear knowledge of what is required for such surveys, we are able to offer a range from 10% - 100% checks in ascertaining an areas hard standing and roof water run offs.


    Once we have thoroughly investigated any of the above, the results are then transferred onto an electronic background which is then supplied to the client in CAD Format or GIS Mapping Programmes.


    SDS Prides itself on the fact that a minimum of 1 No personnel per 2 Man Survey Team is CAD proficient, which allows us to provide the most accurate of drawings.


    Drainage Investigation CSO Survey Drainage Investigation


    CSO Survey:

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